USA: Truck collides with a car and hangs in the gap from a bridge (VIDEO)

The 26-year-old experienced moments of terror on the Clark Memorial Bridge

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The moments of terror experienced by 26-year-old Sydney Thomas on the Clark Memorial Bridge last March when the truck she was driving collided with a car that entered the opposite stream of traffic, causing her to lose control of her vehicle which broke through the protective barriers and hung in the gap over the Ohio River was presented to the court that heard the case.

Accused of the crash was 33-year-old Trevor Branham, who according to eyewitnesses was driving dangerously, constantly swerving, before finally entering oncoming traffic and colliding with the truck.

In the video presented to the court, the 26-year-old can be seen trying to "hold" the truck on the road and finally screaming when the vehicle hung in the gap.

Watch the video:

Thomas spent 1,5 hours in this condition on the 100-year-old bridge that connects Louisville to southern Indiana before she was finally rescued in a dangerous fire operation.

"What you saw is the result of an extreme disregard for human life that could have resulted in serious injury or even death," said prosecutor Liem Sokon.

The judge decided to keep Branham in custody on €20.000 bail with the case to be heard again next month.