USA vs. Fauci: Approves shock experiment on puppies - Gnats ate them live

Non-profit organization reveals three more similar experiments funded by Fauci

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The news is making the rounds of the international media - Congress upset over taxpayer experiment and money spent

Salos has erupted in the US on the occasion of the green light given by the leading US epidemiologist, Anthony Fauci, to finance an inhumane experiment with dogs, where gnats eat them alive, after scientists first immobilize them, trapping their heads in cages.

The news is making the rounds of the international media, as Fauci is a respectable person in his homeland.

Dozens of American lawmakers expressed outrage not only at the unacceptable method of the experiment, but also at its usefulness, as a fortune was spent.

Many of them, Republicans and Democrats, wrote a letter to South Carolina MP Nancy Mays, expressing strong dissatisfaction with the experiment.

According to the Independent and the Daily Mail, Fauci is accused of spending nearly $ XNUMX million on experiments with puppies trapped in cages so that mosquitoes can eat them alive.

The letter in question, co-signed by 24 lawmakers, alleges that the misuse of funds is reprehensible and calls for restraint from Anthony Fauci, as a non-profit organization claims to have approved the testing of new drugs.

According to the White Coat Waste Project, the American epidemiologist sent $ 375.800 to a Tunisian research laboratory, with the scientists giving the puppies an experimental drug.

This plan indicates that their heads were trapped in cages with gnats eating them alive.

The nonprofit also revealed three other similar experiments funded by Fauci.

U.S. lawmakers are seeking answers from the distinguished scientist by November 19.

As the Daily Mail typically reports, Dr. Anthony Fauci has come under fire from both parties for allegedly using taxpayers' money for hard experiments.

Another process, funded by the $ 1,8 million agency, involved 44 puppies with scientists cutting their vocal cords to stop barking.

For their part, the scientists behind the White Coat Waste Project claim that the dogs got the "legionnaires' disease" disease before they killed and dismembered them.