USA: Killed her father and his girlfriend because he excluded her from the will

She declared herself innocent and devastated

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A woman killed her 87-year-old father and his girlfriend by stabbing them to death in his luxury Jersey Beach home, police said.

Sherry Lee Hefferman, 55, was arrested for the murders of father John Enders and his girlfriend Francois Pitoy, 75, in a six-bedroom Surf City home that is for sale for more than $1,9 million.

What prompted the woman to commit the crime? The fact that her father had cut her out of the will, according to the New York Post..

Testimonies for the covenant
The woman had been cut out of the will, a neighbor of the 87-year-old told police.

Another friend of the victim also told police that Enders had amended his will within the past month and Hefferman and his other daughter, with whom he was estranged, were no longer included.

The house about which the crime was committed

Pennsylvania State Police arrested Heffernan on Tuesday at her home in Ladenberg.

The bodies of Enders and Pitoy were found at their home on Sunday after local police were called to investigate, the statement said. They had been dead since about Sept. 29, police estimated, saying both "carried multiple apparent stab wounds."

"The investigation ultimately concluded that Heffernan, Mr. Enders' daughter, was responsible for the deaths of both Enders and Pitoy," said District Attorney Bradley Billheimer, who called the arrest a team effort by several law enforcement agencies. .

She declared herself innocent and devastated.

According to the Asbury Park Press, Enders became the owner of the home in May, transferring it from a trust. After the switch, he listed the property for sale for $2,3 million and has since reduced the price to $1.999.000, the Press reported.

The woman pleaded not guilty.

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