USA-Twitter: Permanent ban of users who have created a fake profile

Permanent blocking of users who have created fake profiles

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Elon Musk said yesterday that Twitter users who have created fictitious profiles impersonating other users without labeling them as "parody" will be permanently banned from the said social networking platform without warning.

In a separate post on Twitter, Musk said that in the past, the platform would issue a warning before suspending a profile, but as Twitter develops a broad user verification process, there will be no warning. as well as there will be no "exceptions".

"This will be a requirement for signing up for Twitter Blue," Musk said, adding that any name change would cause the user to lose their identity verification token.

Twitter on Saturday updated its app on Apple's App Store to begin collecting the $8 monthly fee for its blue verification badge. This is Elon Musk's first major change at Twitter.

Musk, who is also Tesla Inc's chief executive, will serve as Twitter's chief executive, while last month he said the platform would set up a content review board that would have "diverse views across a broad spectrum".

"No major decisions will be made about the content of posts or the restoration of user profiles before this board meets," he added.

On the issue of removing user accounts, Musk said last week that they will not be allowed back on Twitter until the said social networking platform has "a clear process for doing that."

Organizing such a process will take at least a few weeks, Musk said in a post, clarifying the timing of the possible return of Twitter's most famous user, former President Donald Trump, who has been banned. The new timeline suggests Trump won't be back before tomorrow's midterm congressional elections.

Earlier on Sunday, The New York Times reported that Twitter was delaying activating its user verification process until after the midterm elections.

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