Spain: Two elderly people are accused of sexually abusing a 71-year-old

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Two men, aged 75 and 81, are being investigated by police as possible perpetrators of the sexual abuse and exploitation of a 71-year-old woman in a nursing home in Barracaldo, Biscay in northern Spain.

On November 13, a lawsuit was filed against the two suspects for sexual exploitation, but the Basque police (Erthaintha) transferred the investigation file to the Judiciary, as announced by the Basque Security Office.

For its part, the town hall of Barakaldo "categorically" condemned the incident and stated that it puts at the disposal of the victim "all the possibilities of the municipality, which may be needed".

The municipal council also unanimously condemned this fact and convened a protest rally in Eriko Platha Square at 18.00 (19.00 Cyprus time).

In a statement, Mayor Amaya del Campo said the incident "shocked" and "left us speechless", adding that she considered "unbelievable and even in a degree of perversion, the fact that apparently a great woman with special needs is not respected" .

Source: philenews