Spain: Socialists first in a poll

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The People's Party falls in third place

Spain's Socialist Party (PSOE) would win with 31,6% if an election were held now, according to a poll published today, while the conservative People's Party (PP) fell to third place with just 18,2%.

The Socialists' share was up from 30,6% in September, while the PP, which had been in power for six years until June when it lost a confidence vote in parliament due to a series of corruption scandals involving its officials , saw his rate drop from 20,8%.

The poll will bolster Pedro Sanchez's government in parliament, where it holds just 84 of 350 seats, as it negotiates next year's budget and seeks allies in its bid to stay in power until the next scheduled general election in 2020.

Ciudadanos comes second in vote intention in the poll conducted by the Center for Sociological Studies (CIS) with 21% compared to 19,6% in the previous poll.

And Podemos saw its share rise to 17,3% from 16,1% in September.