Israelis cut off ornamental route from Gaza to Cyprus (PHOTO)

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Israeli forces have ousted members of a Palestinian activist group aboard boats off the Gaza Strip bound for Cyprus to protest a naval blockade by Israel and Egypt. 


According to Israeli media reports, the Israeli navy fired warning shots and blocked the passage of the fleet to the blockade line, which is set at six nautical miles off the coast of Gaza. However, one of the boats managed to cross the line at a distance of nine nautical miles, as a result of which it was surrounded by four boats of the Israeli forces.


The fishing boats were boarded by 22 Palestinian activists, students and patients in need of medical treatment outside Gaza, and were reportedly intended to raise European and international public awareness. 


The new incident comes eight years after the Mavi Marmar incident, in which Israeli commandos attacked Turkish and foreign activists. 

The organizing committee for the lifting of the blockade of the boats stated that the new fleet does not carry ammunition aimed at Israel's security. According to the Commission, the flotilla is scheduled to arrive in Cyprus in a few days.