Italy: Nominal ticket to enter the Colosseum from 18/10

To combat racketeering and ticket reselling

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The Italian Ministry of Culture has decided that from October 18 nominal tickets for entering the Colosseum will be available. Italian and foreign visitors will be able to buy these new tickets at the box office outside the "Amphitheater Flavio", online at and using a special phone number.

The decision was taken to combat the phenomenon of profiteering and ticket reselling, which has reached alarming proportions in recent times.

"The implementation of this decision proceeded at a very fast pace. We can say that thanks to this move and the ever-increasing offer to visitors, a new era really begins for the archaeological park of the Colosseum," said the Italian Minister of Culture, Gennaro Santozugliano.

The taking of measures to combat the resale of tickets at highly inflated prices had been strongly requested, among others, by municipal councilors of the Eternal City and the members of the Italian Association of Hoteliers.

Source: AMPE