Italian truck driver killed his wife, then impersonated her for weeks, using her mobile phone

Francesca Deidda's body has not yet been found

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Another femicide appears to be the answer behind the mysterious disappearance of a 42-year-old woman from Sardinia.

According to the Daily Mail, local authorities arrested the husband of Francesca Deidda, who was last seen alive at the end of May.

The investigators who have taken over the case, based on the evidence they discovered, concluded that 43-year-old Igor Sollai murdered the 42-year-old and then used his dead wife's mobile phone for weeks so that her circle continued to believe that she was alive.

Deidda disappeared on May 30 from the Italian town of San Sperate, in Cagliari, southern Sardinia. After that date messages were sent from her phone informing friends and family that she needed to be alone to deal with the end of her relationship, stressing that she did not want to talk to anyone on the phone.

The call center where the 42-year-old worked also received a strange resignation email after her disappearance.

Authorities believe these messages and emails were written by Sollai after he killed his wife and hid her body. His purpose was of course to cover up his crime and pretend that Deidda was still alive.

Although the unfortunate woman's cellphone has not yet been found, "traces left by the suspect on the internet" led to his arrest, local media reported.

Deidda's brother, along with a colleague, jointly reported the 42-year-old missing on May 30. When Sollai was asked by police why he did not report his wife missing, he said he thought it unnecessary because her brother had. Police quickly ruled out the scenarios of the woman voluntarily leaving the marital home due to separation, as well as suicide, and focused their investigation on Deidda's troubled relationship with her husband.

Sollai told authorities that his wife left to be alone for some time to "think," according to local reports. But there is evidence that shows that their relationship went through a very deep crisis before the woman disappeared.

Although Deidda's body has not yet been found, Sollai was arrested on charges of murder last week and remains in jail.

He maintains that he is innocent. "There is no evidence that this is a homicide. And to date we have seen no evidence that our client used his wife's phone or sent the email," the 43-year-old's lawyer, Carlo Demurtas, told local media.

Demurtas had campaigned for Sollai to be released or placed under house arrest pending trial, but a judge ruled yesterday that the trucker would remain in custody.

The couple's home, where they have lived together since 2012, as well as their cars have been seized by police.