Cairo: Truck went in the opposite direction - 19 dead

Government efforts to improve road networks


Nineteen people were killed in a car accident outside Cairo yesterday, between the new area on October 6 and the province of Fayoum.

The accident happened when a truck went in the opposite direction and collided with a small bus, in which the driver and most of the passengers were killed immediately, while two of the three injured died on arrival at the hospital, bringing the death toll to 19.

This is the second major car accident in the same area this week, as just three days ago, a truck collided again with a bus carrying workers from the Sakkara area to the city on October 6, killing two people. and the injury of eight others.

The government's efforts to improve road networks are evident, with many projects being carried out across the country, costing billions of Egyptian pounds, having reduced the number of road accident victims by 44% in recent years, but unfortunately to date, The blood tax on asphalt remains high, as at least 7.000 people died in road accidents that occurred in 2020 in Egypt of 102,5 million inhabitants.