Erdogan calls on Turks to mobilize

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent a message to the Turks to be ready for the possibility of mobilization, at a time when Turkish operations are underway in Afrin, Syria.

The Turkish president in a speech in the city of Kahramanmara in southeastern Turkey stated precisely: "Let everyone be ready for mobilization, although there is no immediate need now. We are on the eve of a new resurrection. "After the meetings we had with the military leadership and our people were called with marching troops, the people will rush with me first."

In his speech, Erdogan said that the current area of ​​Turkey reaches 780.000 square kilometers, while as he said "where we got here - from 18 million square kilometers".

Immediately after these statements, tens of thousands of Turks tried through e-government (e-devlet) on the internet, started looking for their roadmaps and where to go in case of mobilization, resulting in the collapse of the entire system of the Ministry of National Defense and all e-government services.

"Those who are capable and have an active mobilization mandate should be ready," Erdogan said, adding "not what we need (to mobilize additional forces) right now."

Statements by Tsavousoglou: "We will crush Turkey's enemies like oranges"

Tsavousoglu described the nation as knowing everything, said that in order to overcome the obstacles, Turkey must be very strong, adding that when it is strong, "it will be able to dismantle the terrorists as it is now."

The Turkish minister continued as follows: "This nation knows how to deal with the whole world when needed. When we are right there are no obstacles for us. We do not bow down to anyone. And whoever is in front of us we will crush them. We will crown them all like Phoenix oranges and we will pass. As we do today. "