California: Maniac gunman opens fire on passing cars – One dead

The authorities arrested a maniac who opened fire on random cars

Screenshot 4 6 authorities, CALIFORNIA

Authorities have arrested a maniac who opened fire on random cars on a busy road in Southern California, US, killing a father of four.

According to police, 39-year-old Julio Rodart started shooting cars with a semi-automatic weapon in Riverside County.

What happened on Monday? As seen on video, the gunman walks down the sidewalk in front of a car wash and fires at passing vehicles, emptying a magazine. He then reloaded and continued firing, killing 43-year-old Victor Hugo Leon, a father of four.

The unfortunate man was on his way to work at that time. The attacker also injured another man while several cars were damaged.

ABC 7 reports that the shooter had stopped at a store to buy booze before he started shooting, but he didn't have enough money.

The motives of the perpetrator remain unknown

Eyewitnesses reported that at least 30 shots were fired. A little later the attacker took off his clothes and was naked.

He was subsequently arrested on charges of first degree murder, attempted murder, robbery and resisting arrest.

It should be noted that the wife of the 43-year-old victim started a GoFundMe campaign to cover some of the funeral expenses. So far, he has raised over $40.000.