And yet, the "xeroles" know the least, research tells us!

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Their superiority and arrogance is not based on higher levels of knowledge, quite the opposite

We have all met "this" guy who knows everything, can take part in any discussion and is always right of course.

And science is now coming to verify our intuitive knowledge, that it does not know its blindness!

So two studies of psychology rush to tell us that the people who feel the smartest and best of all are essentially the exact opposite. In their study, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Michael Hall and Kaitlin Raimi tested whether people with high levels of "superiority" actually had superior knowledge on a number of current topics.

The experimental manipulation involved 2.573 Americans who spoke on five controversial issues (income inequalities, size of the public sector, terrorism, the economy, and gun ownership), which they ranked based on their degree of belief and knowledge.

They conclude: "The present study examined whether people who express supremacy in their beliefs can justify it with superior knowledge. In all six of our studies, we found little evidence to support the claim! But wait, it has more: "At the opposite end of the spectrum of superiority, the more modest participants in our studies extended their moderation to what they considered to be knowledge, constantly underestimating their level of knowledge."


That is, they knew, but because they were smart people, they constantly tested and challenged their knowledge.

Which confirms the oldest study-station in the field, on how people with low cognitive abilities think they are the best of all, precisely because they do not have higher levels of self-awareness and self-knowledge to submit themselves and their knowledge to review.

While people who really have high intelligence and cognitive ability constantly underestimate what they know, as they review their knowledge by relating it to reality…