China: They broke the quarantine and took them out to "parade" to deport them

Punishment in China for coronavirus carriers breaking quarantine is harsh

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Attachment of police officers, with whole special uniforms, masks and placard the offenders of the regulations were exposed to the main streets of the Chinese city of Jingxi

Punishment in China for coronavirus carriers breaking the quarantine is harsh. From the very first wave of pandemics, Beijing had introduced strict measures for the cases and for those who have come in contact with them.

A new decision taken by the Chinese authorities defines a street deportation for violators of the health protocol who went out while suffering from the highly contagious Omicron mutation, which has caused a "tsunami" of cases around the world.

Photographs circulating on social media show four people wearing masks and uniforms and parading in front of a crowd in the Chinese city of Jingxi.

Along with the feeling of shame that accompanies the actors, two police officers hold each one, while armed officers watch the… parade.

It is recalled that the Chinese border remains closed due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus.