China: Lockdown at the largest iPhone production plant due to cases

They found an outbreak Covid-19

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Chinese authorities today placed the zone around the world's largest iPhone manufacturing plant on lockdown after an outbreak was identified covid-19.

The economic zone around Zhengzhou Airport in central China, where the factory operated by Taiwanese company Foxconn is located, will remain in lockdown for seven days, according to an official announcement.

In the factory, where more than 200.000 people work, cases of it have been detected since mid-October covid-19.

Images posted on social media over the weekend showed some workers jumping over a barbed wire fence to leave the factory and return home on foot. Videos have also been released showing workers protesting working conditions and the lack of measures to protect against the coronavirus.

As of today, the residents of the economic zone "are not allowed to leave their homes" unless there is an urgent need, the local authorities stressed.

China is the last major economy to follow a zero-covid policy, which means repeated lockdowns, near-mandatory molecular tests several times a week and quarantine for people coming from dangerous areas.

Source: KYPE