Cypriot was making money from the brutal murder of his mother (images)

A Cypriot was making money from the brutal murder of his mother

It raised more than 1,4 XNUMX million

He took advantage of his mother's brutal murder to make money. The reason for a 50-year-old Cypriot living in Britain is the reason, who, by deceiving his friends, collected more than 1,4 million pounds, claiming that he would use them to take legal action against the health system of England (NHS) and the police, because they did not make sure that the killer of his mother - who was schizophrenic - was not a public danger.

The brutal murder of his 79-year-old mother, Eleftheria, took place in 2012, with the victim receiving 40 knives at her home in north London, from her neighbor Hakim Abdillahi.

The man, originally from Somalia, had just left the local psychiatric clinic and on the day of the murder, he had called the police, saying that he wanted to "kill his demons".

The 50-year-old after the murder stated that he was devastated, emphasizing that he missed his mother a lot, while he pointed out in interviews that he would move legally, accusing the Authorities that "they have in their hands the blood of his mother".

According to the British Sun, Marios Dimitriou, with the money he collected from his friends, lived a rich life, while he also resigned from his job.

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The article mentions the typical case of a 72-year-old woman, with whose son he played football, and from whom he had extracted more than 840.000 pounds.

"Between 2012 and 2017, Marios Dimitriou cheated on the 72-year-old, pretending to file lawsuits against the Police and the NHS, because they failed to prevent the death of his mother", was heard in court according to the same publication. In fact, when her son passed away last year, she had no money to bury him.

Many of his victims were also Arsenal fans, who raised thousands of pounds by promising to be returned when the case was closed in court.

Teresa Dimitriou's wife and his sons John and Louie Dimitriou are also involved in the case.