Government official surfs 9.000 poppy websites…

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As a result, the system is infected with malware of Russian origin

His sexual appetites resulted in the entire system of the geological department being infected by Russian malware.

Faced with an improbable case was found the ladder that was called to investigate the problem that had presented the computer network of the US Geological Survey, which had been infected by malware of Russian origin.

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The results of the research showed that an employee had the bad habit of entering from the laptop that his job had given him, to many sites with popnographic content to satisfy his appetites.

And when we say a lot, we mean a lot. To be precise, in about 9.000 different pages, even downloading their content to the computer and from there to his mobile phone, which also had a big problem.

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Many of these sites were linked to other Russians who had malware, which "downloaded" to his laptop and from there across the network.

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Normally, it is forbidden to use a government computer for such a purpose. Something that, as one can easily understand, resulted in him losing his job.