"White smoke" in Brussels for Brexit (PHOTO)

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An agreement with the British Prime Minister Theresa May on the open issues of the first phase of brexit announced in Brussels, the President of the Commission Z.K. Juncker.

The head of the Juncker Office, Martin Zelmayer, who is involved in the negotiations, posted on his personal twitter account a photo with the characteristic chimney and white smoke that accompanies the election of the new pope in the Vatican.


At 7:45 a.m. local time, President Juncker announced that the Commission had formally recommended to the European Council (under Article 50) that it conclude that good progress had been made in the first phase of Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom. The European Council (Article 50) will take its own decision on 15 December 2017 on whether to allow the negotiations to proceed to their second phase.

The Commission's assessment is based on a joint report agreed by Commission negotiators and the United Kingdom Government, which was approved today by Prime Minister T. May during a meeting with President Z. Juncker.

The Commission is convinced that good progress has been made in each of the three priority areas of citizens' rights, the Ireland / Northern Ireland Dialogue and the Economic Settlement, as set out in the European Council Guidelines of 29 April 2017.

The Commission as a negotiator has ensured that the life choices of EU citizens living in the UK, as well as the rights of UK citizens in the EU, will be protected. Everything will remain unchanged after the UK leaves the EU. also that administrative procedures will be cheap and simple for EU citizens in the UK.

With regard to the financial settlement, the United Kingdom has agreed that the commitments made by the EU28 will be fulfilled by the EU28, including the United Kingdom.

As regards the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom recognizes the unique situation on the island of Ireland and has made significant commitments to avoid a harsh border.

Mr Juncker said: "This is a difficult negotiation, but we have made some important progress and I am pleased with the fair agreement reached with the United Kingdom. With our assessment, the Commission and our chief negotiator M. Barnier are ready to start work immediately on the second phase of the negotiations and I will continue to inform the European Parliament very closely throughout the process, as the European Parliament should ratify the final Withdrawal Agreement. "

Mr Barnier, the Commission's chief negotiator, said: "The Commission's assessment is based on the real and genuine progress made in each of the three priority areas: by agreeing on these issues and resolving the past, we can now move forward and discuss our future relationship based on trust and confidence ”.

If the European Council (Article 50) deems that it agrees to satisfactory progress, the negotiators of the Commission and the Government of the United Kingdom will begin to conclude a withdrawal agreement under Article 50 of the Treaty. In accordance with the guidelines of 29 April 2017 and as soon as the Member States agree with the Commission's assessment, the Commission is ready to start work on any transitional arrangements immediately and to begin exploratory discussions on future relations between the European Union and of the United Kingdom.