Massacre in California: At least seven dead after shootings

Information on shootings that resulted in the death of at least seven people

Massacre in California: At least seven dead after shootings

Many people were killed and others injured today when a gunman opened fire inside a train station in San Jose, California, the county sheriff's office said.

Santa Clara County Deputy Sheriff Russell Davis told reporters that "there are many injuries and many deaths" and that the perpetrator is dead.

He added that the perpetrator has not yet been identified, whether he was killed by fire or committed suicide. "I can not confirm the exact number of injured and dead," Davis added, adding that he would provide more information later.

The incident happened shortly before 07:00 in the morning (17:00 Greek time) at a train station managed by the Santa Clara transport authority, near the city's main airport.

"The gunman is no longer a threat and the facility has been evacuated," wrote San Jose Mayor Sam Licardo.

San Jose, a city of about 1 million people, is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the global hub of technology innovation and home to some of America's largest technology companies.