Merkel: European answers to big problems

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The need for "European answers" to the big problems was stressed by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and in view of tomorrow's EU Summit, she referred to the situation in Syria, the EU security policy, the economy and the challenges of 2019.

It is no coincidence that the first chapter of the program agreement with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) is dedicated to Europe, said Merkel in her keynote address to the Federal Parliament before the European Council, reiterating that "Germany can do well. only if Europe is doing well. " He called on European partners to "do what is possible" in order for Europe to meet the challenges it faces due to its geopolitical position, and made a special reference - in a dramatic tone - to Syria.

"Syria, where the civil war is raging again at the moment, is only a few hours away. The security situation there also affects the EU Member States. We must do everything we can to end this massacre. This challenge also concerns the allies of the Assad regime, especially Iran and Russia. "What we are seeing right now, the horrific events in Syria, the struggle of a regime not against terrorists, but against its own population, killing children, destroying hospitals, all this is a massacre that we must condemn." stressed that the EU must counter these developments "with a clear 'no'".