Mediterranean: Ten migrants die in shipwreck, says German humanitarian organization

The United Nations has recorded over 20.000 deaths

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RESQSHIP, which operates a migrant rescue vessel, the Nadir, announced on social media platform X that it had located 61 people on a flooded, wooden boat, with the 10 dead trapped on the lower deck.

The aid group said two of the survivors were unconscious and receiving medical attention, adding that they urgently needed transport.

RESQSHIP did not give details of where or when the rescue took place, but according to shipping tracking website, the Nadir was today off the Tunisian port of Sfax.

The United Nations has recorded more than 20.000 deaths and disappearances in the central Mediterranean since 2014, making this migration passage one of the most dangerous in the world.

Earlier this month, 11 bodies were recovered from the sea off the coast of Libya.