Mexico: Shocking video of police beating a woman and cheering her on (BINTEO)

A shocking video from Mexico goes around the world

Mexico: Shocking video of police beating a woman and cheering her up

Prosecutors began investigating the homicide after it came to light.

"Police may have been involved in the death of the woman, which is hurting institutions and society," the state attorney general of Quintana Roux said in a statement following Saturday's fatal shooting in the Caribbean coast of Mexico.

Video shows the woman shouting as she stands motionless, face down on the street, on the street with a policeman kneeling on her back while police officers stand around them.

Then, the woman's body, face down, with her hands tied to a pole with handcuffs, is depicted lying on the street. Police pick up the body and place it in the body of a police farm.

A spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office said it was unclear why the woman had been detained, adding that the cause of her death was being investigated. Four police officers have been questioned, according to the same source.

The National Commission for the Prevention and Elimination of Violence against Women (CONAVIM) condemned the incident and stressed via Twitter that those responsible must be held accountable.

Alejandro Ensinas, the deputy interior minister in charge of protecting human rights, spoke of "abuse of police power".

The death of the woman refers to the case of George Floyd, the African-American whose death in May 2020 in Minneapolis was the cause of many months of protests in the US and internationally.

Widespread and worsening violence against women has been causing outrage in Mexico for years. Massive, often violent, feminist demonstrations have taken place during the days of center-left President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.