Mother imposes her son on 320 hospital visits and 13 surgeries (images / video)

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The little boy who underwent 13 surgeries because of his mother

Last Friday, the epilogue to an incredible story came from Texas, USA.

A mother of a 10-year-old child was sentenced to 6 years in prison without suspension, forcing her son to 320 hospital visits and 13 surgeries, without any reason.

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The court imprisoned her and deprived her of custody of the child as she considers it dangerous for the little boy's health.

For 8 years the little one went in and out of the hospitals, because his mother lied about the alleged symptoms that the little one had, such as cancer, muscular dystrophy, heart problems and seizures.

Christopher, now 10, was exposed to radiation, developed sepsis six times due to intravenous serum infections and developed blood clots from unnecessary treatments. His mother had also told the doctors to put a feeding tube in her son, while forcing the boy to move in a wheelchair. In fact, the disturbed woman is said to be constantly changing doctors, so that no one has a complete picture of her boy's health in the long run.

The child was saved thanks to the insistence of a nurse to refuse to give a medicine to the child and the police had to intervene.