New York: Shocking images of mass graves on Hart Island (video)

Images that evoke memories of humanity from World War II

New York: Shocking images of mass graves on Hart Island

It's tragic, because Hart Island, the island's New York cemetery, was used to bury those unfortunate people who had no relatives or friends to take care of them and accompany them to their last home.

Today, with people in quarantine due to the epidemic covid-19 caused by the new coronavirus and New York of millions of residents, cemeteries are filled with pandemic victims and people who died alone in a hospital are taken to mass graves, again alone, in a special area, there , which the American authorities used to place those who were punished with loneliness and isolation in their lives.

The spokesman for the New York City Hall said that the needs for landfills are huge, due to the victims of the new coronavirus and that Hart Island will serve in the near future, in order to bury many of the thousands of victims of the pandemic in the American big city.

Watch the video below, proof of a reality that New York, the USA and many great powers of the planet are experiencing in the hardest way: