New Zealand - At Risk of Imprisonment for… Three Buckets of Fried Chicken

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We have seen many strange things in the almost two years of the pandemic, but the human behaviors that result from the often excessive measures will never cease to amaze us.

This time, two men arrested by New Zealand police for smuggling… fried chicken and more than $ 100.000 in cash to the border with Auckland, which is currently in a very strict state, went viral around the world. lockdown.

The men allegedly tried to escape from the police who located them on the outskirts of the city. When they searched their car, police said they found large quantities of F KFCs, as well as cash and several empty plastic bags.

Their arrest was the focus of interest of New Zealanders and especially the people of Auckland, who have been in a tough lockdown level four for a month now. As part of it, the restaurants remain closed, while the citizens do not even have the right to order ready-made food.

In such an environment, then, fast food can take on the value of the most valuable illicit substance, the Guardian reports, adding that last week another man was arrested for posting a video in which he appeared to be crossing the city προς McDonald's !

A spokesman for the local police said about the incident with the fried chicken:

"The police noticed a suspicious vehicle moving on a dirt road. "As soon as he saw the police vehicle, the car overturned and developed speed, trying to escape."

"The vehicle was searched and the police located the cash, along with empty plastic bags and a large amount of junk food."

The Guardian reports that a thorough examination of the photos posted by the Auckland police shows at least three "buckets" of chicken, up to 10 cans of sauce and an unknown amount of… french fries.

Although the incident is more like a comedy than a real crime, it is a very serious violation of the lockdown rules of the country, the British newspaper emphasizes. According to the Legislation for the Public Health Response to Covid-19 applicable in the country, men can even be sentenced to six months in prison or a fine of up to $ 4.000.

Police said the men may face other charges.