New, tougher sanctions have been imposed by the UN Security Council on North Korea

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The United Nations Security Council has voted to impose tougher sanctions on North Korea in response to recent ballistic missile tests.

The US resolution includes measures to reduce the nation's gasoline imports by up to 90%.

China, North Korea's main trading partner, voted in favor of the resolution.

The country is already subject to sanctions by the US, the UN and the EU.

Washington has imposed sanctions on Pyongyang since 2008, freezing the assets of individuals and companies linked to its nuclear program and banning exports of goods and services to the country.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nicki Heli said the sanctions sent "a clear message to Pyongyang that further provocation will require further punishment and isolation".

Tensions have risen this year over North Korea's nuclear and missile programs, which it has escalated despite pressure from world powers to halt them.

The Trump administration says it is seeking a diplomatic solution to the issue and has drafted this new series of sanctions:

The move was backed by Pyongyang's traditional allies, Russia and China.