Bill Gates reveals when the coronavirus vaccine will be ready (VIDEO)

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"Fortunately, we will have two or three of the six vaccines currently in phase three of clinical trials," said Bill Gates.

Speaking at the All Markets Summit, Gates said the vaccine would be ready "early next year". It is a very experienced vaccine company and it planned its study very well, "he added.

Gates also expects AstraZeneca, the British company that is likely to provide coronavirus vaccines to Australia in the event of clinical trials.

Johnson & Johnson, Novavax, Moderna and Sanofi are also expected to hear about the vaccines early next year.

It was recently revealed that an AstraZeneca volunteer in the clinical trial of the vaccine had died, but Gates said this was not a "surprise" for the clinical trials. "Even if two or three of the first six vaccines are approved, their effectiveness in stopping the spread of the virus may not be perfect," he said. Although there may be enough vaccines, which will ensure that at such a time of year we will be better, we will not return to normal, Gates said.

"We need to vaccinate 70% of the population by then to really reduce the numbers and as long as this disease exists anywhere in the world, the chance of recurrence will always be there," he said. But that could prove difficult, with Gates saying many people have begun to turn to harmful conspiracy theories about possible vaccines.

Vaccine conspiracy theories, with references to me or fr. "Anthony Fauci was something I did not expect," said Bill Gates. "So you have to ask yourself if this means that areas like the use of the mask or the willingness to get the vaccine will be affected. "I am still optimistic that there is a 30% of the population who understand that this will benefit other people, and so they will be vaccinated," he said.

The Microsoft co-founder said it would also be vital to connect with the poorest countries to ensure the vaccine is distributed.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, for his part, told the All Markets Summit that the United States was still experiencing the first wave of the pandemic.

"I see it more as an extension and worsening of the first wave," he said characteristically. "We began to see a peak that brought us about 70.000 cases a day. "Now as the weather gets colder, we are back in the worst case scenario, with over 80.000 cases a day."