Elon Musk wants to make Platform X subscription-based

The American tycoon claims that by imposing a subscription it will control fake accounts

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The UN General Assembly held in New York gives the leaders of the countries located in the American metropolis the opportunity to hold various kinds of meetings on the sidelines of the UN's work, meetings that have their own special interest. Many leaders these days are rushing to meet Elon Musk since his diverse activities in the automotive industry, space, telecommunications and social media are understandably a pole of attraction for many countries.

Musk has met in the last 48 hours with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In the meeting he had with the Israeli Prime Minister, Musk stated that he is very seriously considering making the X platform (formerly Twitter) subscription-based. As he mentioned, it will be a fairly small amount that subscribers will have to pay, the amount of which he did not specify, and according to Musk, it is the most reliable way to distinguish between real users and fake accounts that operate through robotic programs. the so-called bots.

X currently has around 530 million active users and the number of fake accounts remains unknown, while it was the cause of problems in the acquisition of the platform by Musk who had stated that his company had presented misleading information about the number of fake accounts. It should be noted that X has a subscription service, X Premium, which costs $8 per month in the US (the price varies in other countries) and its users have a number of privileges compared to ordinary users of the platform.

At the same time, Musk is accused these days of the discussions he is having these days with leaders of various countries regarding the possibility of making trade agreements with them and possibly opening factories for the production of Tesla cars in some countries. Tayyip Erdoğan was one of those who discussed this possibility with Musk, while as it became known the American tycoon is also discussing the creation of a Tesla factory in Saudi Arabia.

As expected, this news caused negative comments for Musk, since he has been a fan of "absolute freedom of expression" for years, and based his decision to buy Twitter on this principle, and when he became its owner, he stopped the blocking policy. of the extreme, racist and generally toxic posts that existed until then on the platform in the context of this freedom of speech that is invoked. His critics accuse him of a disharmony of words and deeds since it is not possible on the one hand to declare yourself an advocate of absolute freedom of speech and on the other to cooperate with regimes that act in the exact opposite direction.

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