Erdogan does not secure a majority in the first round of elections


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan fails to secure the majority needed to win the June 24 presidential election in the first round, but is expected to win a majority in the second round two weeks later, according to a poll by the SON Institute. published today.

The poll, conducted on a sample of 3.000 respondents in 26 of Turkey's 81 provinces, found that Erdogan received 48,3% of the vote in the first round, while the opposition Republican People's Party candidate Muharrem Ince secured 31,4%. . The poll was conducted between May 29 and June 3.

More than 53% of those polled said they would vote for Erdogan over Ince in the second round.

In terms of parliamentary elections, the ruling AKP party appears to have 42,2%. His MHP nationalist allies secure 7,1% of the vote.

According to the poll, the main opposition party CHP would receive 39,5%.

The pro-Kurdish HDP, whose former leader Selahattin Demirtas faces up to 142 years in prison, has a 10% threshold for entering parliament.