Gul will not run in the election against Erdogan

gettyimages 520254514 1160x766 AMDIULAH GUL, Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey

Former Turkish President Abdullah Gul, a former entourage of current head of state Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced today that he would not run in the June snap presidential election as he failed to rally opposition around him.

"There is no longer a question of a process with the prospect of my candidacy," Gul told a news conference in Istanbul, citing the lack of a "very broad consensus." Otherwise, he argued, he would have "taken on his responsibilities".

The name of the 2007th head of state of Turkey (2014-XNUMX) was found this week at the center of intense discussions between several opposition parties, but this scenario was strongly rejected by some, mainly because of his past closeness to Erdogan.

Gul's candidacy would pave the way for a spectacular fratricidal duel with Erdogan.

Gul co-founded the Justice and Development Party (AKP) in 2001 with Erdogan, of which he served as foreign minister (from 2003 to 2007) and then president (until 2014).

During Gul's presidency, differences arose between the two men, but the former head of state never criticized his successor head-on.

Without naming Erdogan, Gul today lamented the "polarizing atmosphere" prevailing in Turkey and insisted on the importance of "separation of powers, rights and freedoms".

Although he did not run, Gul seems to have put his former companions in a difficult position. "I wish Mr Gul had said from the beginning 'I am under the command of my party,'" said Prime Minister Binali Gildirim on Friday.