VIDEO: The weather "went crazy" - Unprecedented heatwave with 48 degrees in Siberia, tons of ice melted

High temperatures were recorded this year in the Arctic Circle. Specifically, Siberia reached 47 points!

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High temperatures were recorded this year in Arctic Circle. Specifically its icy city Siberian, Verkhoyansk, which at -48 ° C in winter, today broke every heat record after touching 47 points!

Tons of ice melted in Siberia

According to the report broadcast by ERT, the images from the sentinel satellites of the program Copernicus They depict "in red" many of the cities of Siberia with temperatures ranging from 35 ° C to 48 ° C at ground level. As a result, in just a few days, high temperatures lead to the melting of tones iceThe unprecedented phenomenon has resulted in Siberian tourists running to protect themselves from the heat. "I feel it heat on my skin. "I have already sunburned," said one tourist. Among other things, due to the high temperatures within 24 hours, more than 32 forests broke out fires.