Lavrov Threatens US: May Take Nuclear Deterrence If You Deploy Missiles In Ukraine

The Foreign Minister threatened the USA with nuclear deterrence measures

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has threatened the US with nuclear deterrent measures if it deploys medium- and short-range missiles in Ukraine, Europe and Asia, in the wake of Vladimir Putin's recent "nuclear" references.

According to what the Russian Foreign Minister told Ria Novosti, the US has become "an accomplice in the crimes of the Kiev regime".

In particular, the Russian minister pointed out that his country considers the planned delivery of F-16 fighter jets capable of carrying nuclear warheads to Ukraine as a "message" from NATO.

"They are trying to tell us that the US and NATO will not stop anywhere in Ukraine," Lavrov stressed.

"However, we hope that the Russia-Belarus military gymnasiums on the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons currently being held will bring our adversaries to their senses by reminding them of the devastating consequences of any further nuclear escalation," Mr Lavrov added.

The role of China

In the same interview, the Russian foreign minister said that China could organize a peace conference involving Russia and Ukraine.

Mr. Lavrov estimated that the organization of such a conference would be a continuation of Beijing's efforts to resolve the Ukrainian crisis.

"We share (China's) position that the root causes of the conflict must first be addressed and the legal interests of all sides must be protected, with subsequent agreements based on the principle of equal and indivisible security," the Russian minister pointed out.

"Let me emphasize again that this requires respecting the reality on the ground, which reflects the will of the people who live there," he noted.

Russia has repeatedly proposed that peace talks be held on the condition that Kiev and the West recognize its territorial gains in Ukraine. Kiev has rejected these proposals.