Ukraine: Putin's "savior" fears for his life

The war in Ukraine has made the Polish, Slovek Sombola, afraid for his life

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The war in Ukraine has made the Pole his "savior" Vladimir Putin, Slovek Sobola, to fear for his life.

Until recently, Slovek Sobola usually enjoyed his resemblance to the Russian president. The 53-year-old Pole has been traveling to the US, England and even Hong Kong for the past eight years, taking advantage of the fact that he looks like the Russian president, but now things have changed.

"I'm afraid…"

"Before the war, I was not afraid for my safety on the road, but now I am afraid, because in Wroclaw there are a lot of people from Ukraine who live and work here," he told Daily Star.

He added: "There are many times when these people have told me that I look like Putin and now because of the war I am a little afraid that they will get upset and become aggressive when they see me."

As for what happens from now on? "I do not know how I will play his role in the future. This situation with the war makes me support Ukraine. "I think they had to fight."

Finally, he referred to the few moments when his resemblance to Vladimir Putin made him not feel so comfortable: "But sometimes it all becomes a bit uncomfortable, as I may be on vacation with my family and they come to touch me "to tell me I look like Putin and ask them to take pictures with me."