More than 352 million cases internationally and over 5,6 million deaths

The situation internationally

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A total of 352.126.907 people worldwide have been infected with the coronavirus while the death toll has risen to 5.614.788.

According to the Worldometers website, 2.225.296 new cases were recorded yesterday COVID-19 and 4.847 deaths from the disease.

The number of people recovered is 279.852.023.

The number of active cases is 66.660.096. Of these, 99,9% of the total are in mild condition and 0,1% in severe or critical condition.

First in the number of cases remain the USA with 71.925.931 people ill and 889.197 dead. Follow the India with 39.543.328 cases and 489,896 deaths, h Brazil with 24.044.437 cases and 623.145 deaths, h France with 16.692.432 cases and 128.629 deaths and United Kingdom with 15.859.288 cases and 153.862 deaths.

Source: KYPE