A father sent a nude photo of his child to a doctor and got into trouble

Google has an automated system to detect child pornography images but sometimes the system gets it wrong and the consequences are serious.

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Mark, a father in California,took some pictures of the genitals of his sick son for the doctor and was unwittingly "caught" by Google's child sexual abuse filters.

With the help of the photos, the doctor diagnosed the problem and prescribed antibiotics, which cleared up the child's infection quickly. This episode, however, left Mark with a much bigger problem after making him target of a police investigation.

Specifically, according to the nytimes, the father was caught by an algorithm designed to trap people sharing child sexual abuse material, and the company immediately disabled his account, stripping him of his contacts, emails, photos and phone number. of the program. Then refused to reverse its decision when he himself filed an objection.

Almost 10 months after Google's ban, Mark was notified by mail that the San Francisco Police Department had completed an investigation against him.

Mark's acquittal and Google's response

Eventually an officer found that Mark had not committed a crime, but was unable to contact him as his original phone number and email address were still disabled.

When Mark spoke to the officer he asked him if the police could contact google and to explain to them that he was innocent, with the officer replying that there is nothing he can do.

Then the father exercised again appeal the case of Google, providing the police report, but no effect. After receiving notice two months ago that his account was being permanently deleted, Mark spoke to a lawyer about suing Google and asked how much it might cost.

«I decided it probably wasn't worth suing since it cost $7.000", he said himself

A Google spokeswoman, in a statement, said the company stands by its decisions, even though law enforcement authorities they cleared the couple of the child pornography charges.