Pentagon: Aliens may already be here watching us

According to a draft report of the Pentagon that is coming to light, there is the possibility that aliens not only exist, but have already visited us and even study us without us realizing it!

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Aliens may have already arrived on our planet without us knowing it, suggests a draft document recently released by the Pentagon's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO).

In particular, the report describes the possibility that extraterrestrial life has reached Earth using artificial intelligence probes, while suggesting that an artificial interstellar object, such as Oumuamua, could be a mothership, releasing many small probes during duration of its close pass by Earth. According to the report, probes (UFOs) could be used to infiltrate our civilization for research purposes.

Obviously, in addition to having artificial intelligence, they would have to be designed to withstand the harsh conditions of interstellar space, programmed to repair themselves or even reproduce. In fact, with the use of machine learning, they could adapt to new conditions, without any guidance from their original creators.

Although the Pentagon report is still under review, its findings, if accurate, could mean the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life studying us, watching us and learning about our culture.

As Avi Loeb notes: "Maybe it's worth believing that the strange object was an alien mothership whether it's confirmed or not, because either way, it opens our minds to the idea that something is out there."

Source: Reader