She went to Turkey for liposuction but died – What happened

"She wanted that body so bad and now her kids don't have a mom"

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When 34-year-old Sophie Hunt flew to Turkey for cosmetic surgery last March, she thought she would come back a different person.

Instead, the mother-of-two sadly died two days after her operation – with her family still searching for answers.

Because she wanted to go to Turkey for plastic surgery

Her sister Amy Hunt, from Northampton, England, appeared on 'This Morning' and explained how Sophie was insecure about her body and struggled to feel good after trying to lose weight through diet and exercise.

As Amy said: “She told us that she was going to Turkey, that she was going to have this operation and her words were that she would come back 'a different person'. That was all. She was stout, dieted, but loved food. When you love food, it's hard to lose weight."

“My mother didn't really want to go to Turkey, she was very worried. We were all worried but I just wanted Sophie to be happy and she said she really wanted to have this operation so I supported her decision," he added.

He had researched to find the best clinic

Sophie and her friend Danielle, who was also due for surgery, did a lot of research before settling on GNR Aesthetics Clinic. After paying £3.963 for a tummy tuck and liposuction, Sophie jetted off to Istanbul, Turkey in March 2022.

Referring to a phone call she received from Danielle, Amy says everything was fine up until that time. She and Sophie exchanged messages and she seemed fine and although Amy didn't hear from her afterwards, she assumed she was asleep after surgery.

As her sister told the show: "I had a phone call from her friend and she just said, 'They told me to call you, you have to come.' I just knew it. Obviously I panicked, threw a few things in a suitcase and started looking for the next flight to Turkey."

About 20 minutes later someone from the clinic called her. They wouldn't tell her any information, except that Sophie was "okay, but not well." Amy assumed that meant there was still hope that her sister would be okay, and she held on to that.

She flew aron-aron to Turkey – What the doctors told her once she arrived

The next morning Amy flew to Turkey and at the airport a car picked her up and took her to the hospital. There, she was taken to a room and told that her sister had gone into cardiac arrest. Amy demanded to see her but was told she couldn't because Turkey's laws surrounding inpatients and intensive care patients meant she couldn't go inside.

Even then, he says, he still held out hope and assumed that being in intensive care meant Sophie was still alive. The doctor explained to her that they had given her 90 minutes of CPR, with Amy asking if that meant Sophie was brain dead.

They told her that such a thing was possible and then advised her to prepare for the worst and that all they could do now was pray. She left the hospital and after 30 minutes of returning, she was told that her sister had died. "I told them I wanted to see her because I needed it. And so they let me see her. Which was just horrible, and I had a feeling at the time, I vaguely remember thinking that she didn't look like someone who had just died. He hadn't suspected, more than an hour had passed."

When she was told that her sister had died hours earlier

It was then that the doctor returned, took her hand and said, “I have not been completely honest with you. Your sister was already dead before you came here.'
According to Amy, the doctors thought it would be best if they waited because she had a long journey and was stressed before breaking the bad news.

According to The Sun, Sophie's death certificate states that she died at 9.25am. Turkey time – 7.24 am UK time – three hours before Amy boards the plane. More than a year later, Amy and her family are still waiting for answers about why Sophie died and what exactly went wrong.

As Amy told the TV show: "I think my sister and I were naive to think 'everything is going to be okay.' Why should we think so? All surgery carries risks. She wanted that body so bad and now her kids don't have a mom. I hope my sister's story will make someone think twice before attempting something like this."