Political debate with slapping and pushing in the air (video)

The discussion ended in a quarrel and a lawsuit

Political debate with slap and push in the air

The debate between two rival politicians ended in a quarrel and a scuffle on the "air" of a TV show in Pakistan.

Firdous Asik Awan, a member of Pakistan's ruling Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, took part in a televised debate with People's Party (PPP) leader Kadir Khan Mandokel on corruption on the Express TV channel.

The discussion, however, took an unexpected turn when the two politicians got up from their seats in the studio, came face to face with each other and started cursing each other. A few seconds later, 51-year-old Auan grabbed Mandocell by the collar and slapped him in the face. The attack angered the PPP spokesman, who pushed the woman.

The others who were present in the studio, tried to control the situation while the video went viral on social media.

Shortly after the incident, Awan posted a video on Twitter saying that Mandocell made insulting comments that violated her privacy and that was the reason she slapped him.

"During the talk show, the PPP representative threatened me. He insulted my father and me with bad expressions. "I had to react extremistly to defend myself," he said, adding that he did not rule out taking legal action against Mandocell.

So far, Mandocell has not commented on the incident.

The specific slap in the face was preceded by the incident with the victim Emanuel Macron.

The French President was slapped by a citizen last Tuesday (08/06), during his tour of Drum in the south-east of France, while greeting residents who had gathered to welcome him.


via: e-Daily