Record of new cases in USA and France

How many have been cured and how many active cases exist internationally

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The United States and France recorded the most new coronavirus cases yesterday, with a total of 385.374.811 cases worldwide and 5.719.047 deaths, according to the latest Worldometer count.

An estimated 305.425.507 people have recovered. Of the 74.230.257 active cases, 74.138.397 (99.9%) have mild symptoms and 91.860 (0,1%) have critical or severe symptoms.

In the US the incidence is 76.882.290 and the death toll is 917.600, with almost 3.000 of them recorded in the last 24 hours alone, while in India the count shows 41.803.318 infections and 498.987 deaths.

In Brazil the incidents amounted to 25.813.685 and it is estimated that 629.078 people have died from the disease. France recorded the highest number of new cases in the last 24 hours with 315.363 new infections, with the total numbers for the country amounting to 19.872.989 infections and 131.588 deaths respectively. In the United Kingdom the figures show a total of 17.515.199 cases and 157.409 deaths.