Russia: We have beautiful women, vodka and… cheap electricity: Russia trolls West with video – 'Winter is coming, move here'

Watch the 53-second video posted on the Twitter account of the Russian Embassy in Spain

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At a time when Russia is in the eye of the storm due to the invasion of Ukraine, Moscow is trying to reverse the terms of the game, but to no avail. And that's because with a highly sexist video he invites us to move to Russia, putting forward as... shaky arguments beautiful women and also... resistance to Western sanctions.

The 53-second commercial in question is titled "Time to Move to Russia" and was posted on the Twitter account maintained by the Russian Embassy in Spain. In fact, the titles of the video are followed by white, blue and red hearts, i.e. the colors of the Russian flag, while as the Daily Mail notes, it is not clear whether this particular video is an official production of the Russian government.

The video depicts classic Russian scenes, from children running in the fields and Russian cuisine to monuments such as the All-Russian Exhibition Center. Some of the reasons we should move to Russia, according to the video, are cheap gas and "an economy that can withstand thousands of sanctions."

It also speaks to Russia's "rich history, world-renowned literature, unique architecture, ballet and hospitality" in a way that makes the country seem quite attractive for immigration. It also references Christianity while listing "beautiful women" as if they were a national resource, indicating the cultural values ​​potential immigrants can expect. The clip also features cheap taxis, delivery, cheap electricity and water, as well as Russian vodka.