Uproar in India: They vaccinated 30 students with the same syringe

A health worker in India vaccinated 30 students with the same syringe. A case has been filed against him for negligence.

An investigation against a health worker is being carried out by the Indian authorities, as it is alleged that vaccinated 30 students against the coronavirus with a single syringe.

The incident took place at a school in the area Sagar where vaccines against it are administered Covid-19 to children.

Disposable syringes are widely used in India to prevent the spread of deadly diseases such as HIV. However, in the past there have been many incidents where a single syringe was reused in hospitals due to a lack of equipment.

Jitendra Rai, who used to vaccinate children, he told the media that he was only given one syringe from the health department and that he was simply following the orders he had received.

As the BBC reports, parents who had accompanied their children they reported the incident to the school authorities. When state officials arrived at the school, Rai was missing and his phone was turned off.

A case has been filed against him negligence from the Ministry of Health of the State. Meanwhile, an investigation has been launched against the official responsible for sending vaccination equipment.

A representative of the opposition Congress party asked the state's health minister to resign over the incident.