Were they plotting to assassinate Erdogan?

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Turkish and Balkan intelligence services are conducting a joint investigation into information about a plot to attack Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish state television TRT reported, citing a source in the Turkish counterintelligence service.

Information about an attack plan was revealed a day before Erdogan's visit to Bosnia on Sunday. The information was given to the Turkish intelligence services by the Macedonian counterintelligence, which received it from Turks living in the country.

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag wrote on his Twitter account that "we know there are some circles that are worried" because "we have such a strong leader" and that is why "they want to assassinate him", but "our president he is not someone who will be afraid of such threats and change policy "and" those who have not yet understood this are fools ".

Erdogan became president of Turkey in 2014, after 11 years as prime minister. He promoted a revision of the Constitution to turn Turkey's political system into a presidential one. He is running for re-election to the presidency of Turkey in the June snap elections.