Pele in critical condition, rumors that Santos is preparing his funeral

pele pele

The anxiety over the state of Pele's health continues. According to the latest announcement from the hospital after a re-evaluation of his treatment, the tumor in the large intestine of the 82-year-old Brazilian legend is progressing and requires further care related to kidney and heart dysfunctions.

In the land of coffee there are some... macabre rumors that say that the club that connected his legendary career, Santos, is preparing for a possible... funeral and there is intense movement in the "Vila Belmiro de Santos" stadium.

FutebolNews has uploaded a video of what the Brazilians claim is a type of golden tomb with sarcophagus-sized images on the side that the Egyptians used for ancient pharaohs.

The latest information says that Pele's relatives who were abroad are returning to their homeland and that the Brazilian has no contact with the environment. At the moment, however, there is nothing new from an official source. 

via: Gazzetta