Senegal: Boeing encountered a problem and went off the runway – 11 injured (VIDEO)

Four of the injured are hospitalized in a more serious condition

Screenshot 1 9 Boeing, SENEGAL, INJURIES

Another accident involving a Boeing aircraft occurred in Senegal with 11 people injured when a Boeing 737 plane experienced a problem on takeoff and skidded off the runway before coming to rest in bushes.

According to the Daily Mail, a total of 737 people were on board the Transair Boeing 78.

Videos and photos posted on social media show the damage to the left engine of the plane.

At the scene of the crash at Blaise Airport, rescue crews rushed to free the passengers of the Boeing 737 with four of the 11 injured being hospitalized in a more serious condition.

The accident came a day after the terrifying landing of a FedEx Boeing 767 that suffered a nose wheel problem and landed belly-up.