Today is World Cuddling Day - Why We Celebrate It and Where It Benefits

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Every January 21, all the people of the Earth embrace their loved ones. A hug is scientifically proven to benefit our physical and mental health. Do you still have to hug someone?

The idea came in 1986 from student Kevin Zaborney, who was looking for another way to offer hugs to the people we love. It may not have been officially declared a world day by the UN, but all countries are reproducing and adopting it.Today is World Hug Day - Why we celebrate it and where it benefits | 0

Experts consider it the best medicine, since its benefits are many and even a hug during the day can give us a better life.

In particular, experts stress that just 10 seconds of cuddling is enough to lower blood pressure and stress hormones and increase well-being hormones (such as oxytocin). "The positive emotional experience of cuddling triggers a variety of biochemical and psychological reactions," says lead researcher Dr Jan Astrem, a psychologist-psychotherapist in Linkκεping, Sweden.

In fact, according to Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, the greatest antidote to a virus is in the arms. It is essentially a "natural" vitamin that the body takes so that it is not infected by a virus.

Recent studies show that cuddling improves social skills, fights stress, encourages trust and helps a man "bond" with a woman.

What can hugging have to do with the wellness hormone oxytocin? According to experts, the skin contains a network of sensory organs called Pacinian bodies, which connect to the brain through the pneumogastric nerve. This nerve connects to various organs in the body, including the heart, as well as to oxytocin receptors.
In addition, oxytocin is naturally produced during orgasm, when two partners dance, when they hold hands and when they hug.