Singapore Airlines: These are the compensation amounts to those injured on the deadly turbulence flight

All ticket money is refunded

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Singapore Airlines said today it has offered $10.000 (9.287 euros) in compensation to passengers who suffered minor injuries last month on a flight that experienced turbulence, and will discuss higher amounts with those who were seriously injured.

Passengers who suffered more serious injuries "were invited to discuss a compensation offer tailored to their specific situation when they feel well and ready to do so," the airline said in a statement.

To those who were seriously injured

A 73-year-old Briton died and more than a hundred people were injured, some to the spine and skull, when a flight from London made an emergency landing in Bangkok in late May after encountering severe turbulence.

The Singapore-bound Boeing 777 was carrying 211 passengers and 18 crew members. Dozens of these people needed to be hospitalized.

"Passengers who have suffered serious injuries and are in need of long-term medical care and are seeking financial assistance are being offered an advance payment of $25.000 (€23.217) to cover their immediate needs," Singapore Airlines said.

"This amount will form part of the final compensation these passengers will receive."

All ticket money is refunded

The company will also refund the air ticket amount to all passengers on the said flight, including those who were not injured.

"All passengers will also receive delay compensation in accordance with European Union or UK regulations," the carrier clarified.

Singapore Airlines had already offered 1.000 Singapore dollars (686 euros) to each passenger on the flight departing from Bangkok after the incident to cover their immediate expenses.

The company also covered the medical expenses of the injured passengers and arranged for their relatives to travel to Bangkok for those who requested it.

The Boeing 777-300ER had plunged 1.800 meters in a few minutes and so suddenly that passengers said they did not have time to fasten their seat belts.