Siberia: The moment of the transport helicopter crash on the ice (video)

Mi-26 helicopter crashes into ice and disintegrates - Eight occupants are being treated for serious injuries

Siberia: The moment of the crash of a transport helicopter on the ice

Eight people - five passengers and three crew members - were seriously injured and are fighting to stay alive.

As can be seen in the video, the helicopter in the middle of the fog tries to approach the helipad, but when it lands on the ice, the back part sinks, the upper part breaks and from there on, the destruction begins.

First the rear rotor was dismantled, then the huge helicopter lost its stability and the central rotor was dismantled. Pieces of it are thrown at a huge distance. Fortunately for the occupants, the helicopter did not explode and so the members of the base quickly ran to help.

According to initial estimates, due to the high temperatures, the ice had lost its cohesion and could not withstand the weight of the huge aircraft that sank with the disastrous consequences.

The helicopter was carrying supplies and personnel to the CCR-rich hydrocarbon base in the Yamal region of northwestern Siberia.