Dog "stole" the reporter's microphone in a live broadcast in Russia (VIDEO)

He literally grabbed her microphone while it was live - Watch the Video

russia 1024x570 1 Reporter, DOG

Russian TV reporter lived… dog day live: a Golden Retriever made a leap, snatched the microphone from her hand and started running, launching a chase that left the studio staff speechless - and melted their hearts.

Nadiezda Serezkina, who had just started her stand-up show during a Mir TV show, was talking about the summer in Moscow when Martin, the Golden Retriever, took the microphone from her hand.

The journalist quickly caught up with the dog, who was obviously in the mood for a toy. He let her take the microphone from his mouth. She then continued her reporting, giving a few caresses to her new friend.

The video of the unexpected quickly became the most popular on Mir channel on the YouTube platform, garnering around half a million views in four days.