The details of the family arrested in a live broadcast are shocking

The details of the family arrested in a live broadcast are shocking

Family members are charged with murder, kidnapping, pedophilia and torture

The details of a family in Turkey that came to light after the arrest of its members during a live broadcast during a TV show cause shock and disgust.

Authorities raided the Palu family home in Kocaeli province at the same time as police handcuffed Tunser Ustael (of the same family) in the studio of Muge Anli's show on the private ATV channel.

According to Hurriyet, the family members arrested at the home are charged with murder, kidnapping, pedophilia and torture.

From the facts that have come to the surface so far, it seems that Ustael married one of the daughters of the Palou family 10 years ago and managed to convert several of its members to his personal, Islamic sect.

He then forced them to kill three of their relatives, while he systematically raped four children, including his own.

One of the children managed to escape and went to the police, but returned to the family because all her members assured that the little boy did not know what he was saying as "he had been abducted by strangers".

Ustael, in addition to rape and torture, left his wife's sister to starve while raping her six-year-old daughter shortly before poisoning her.

During his 10 years in office, he was convicted only once of stealing the property of a relative νούς

Charges of rape and murder were dropped as four of his relatives refused to testify.

The dark case became known in December, when two of the family members appeared on Muge Anli's show. For the two weeks that the episodes lasted with the family, Ustael, who had the role of the main guest, denied the accusations and lied.

However, authorities took action on Wednesday and made arrests.

Three members of the Palou family are being treated in psychiatric hospitals after being tortured for so many years, while as for Ustael, according to experts, he suffers from a "psychotic disorder".