Shocking revelations about Parkland's boss, Nicholas Cruz


A family friend of Nicholas Cruz, the teenager who killed 17 people Feb. 14 at a high school he was expelled from in Florida, told the media on Tuesday that he had called police three times to warn her that the young man was dangerous. The calls were made a few weeks before the tragedy.

Roxanne Deschamps was Linda Cruz's neighbor, of Nicholas' stepmother, and was closely associated with her until her death on November 1, due to pneumonia. "I had her as my mother," he said.

When Linda died, Roxanne hosted Nicholas, 19, and his brother Zakari, 18, at her home for about a month. On Tuesday, during a press conference in New York, Deschamps explained that she had then forbidden Nicholas to bring home the weapons he had in his house, except for replicas that took bullets, which he asked him to lock in room of her adult son.

When she found out, after the young man had settled in her house, that she bought another weapon, she demanded from her son, 19 years old, to call the police. The police officers who went to her house, after hearing what she had to say, explained to her that regardless of the behavioral problems and the emotional or psychological issues that she believed Nicholas had, the young man had the right to legally buy a gun.


He also said that he asked - without result - from Nicholas to take the medication given to him by a doctor after the death of his mother. Asked about it, she did not specify what kind of preparations it was. Deschamps also said she advised Nicolas Cruz to go to a psychotherapist, but he refused. For her, there was no doubt: the young man was "mentally ill".

Roxanne Deschamps called police twice more - the last time to report a violent altercation between Nicolas Cruz and her eldest son, Rock.

"I did my best to warn the police of the law of what could have happened. "I wanted to protect not only my own children, but also any other person who was in danger of getting hurt," she said, reading a written statement without being able to hold back her tears.

After Nicholas had a fight with Rock, Deschamps called police for the third time and said she feared the young man would use his weapons against her family. Again, the police told her that nothing illegal had happened.


Deshab told the young man that he had to choose: either to stay with her, or his weapons. "Choose your weapons." She insisted she could help him if she wanted to, "but I could not have him live in my house and my family in danger. "I could not be afraid in my own house."

Nicholas then left Deschamps' house for good, to settle in the home of the Snyd, a couple living in Parkland, a few weeks before the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School massacre.

The day before the massacre, Deschamps said, Nicholas texted her. He said he was "worried about the dogs," the woman said.

The 19-year-old confessed that he committed the massacre in high school with the semi-automatic assault rifle he bought legally. Prosecutors have clarified that they will ask for the death sentence to be imposed on Nicolas Cruz.


Nicholas Cruz's brother arrested in Parkland High School attack

A Florida court has ordered the release of Zakari on $ 500.000 bail and offered to place an "electronic bracelet" on the 18-year-old, in case he pays the bail and is released and asked not to approach the school, at a distance of at least 1,5 km, nor to have contacts with his brother, as well as with students or high school staff.

The lawyer who undertook the defense of 18-year-old Zakari argued that the young man is not a danger to the community. "He is being held because of his kinship (with Nicholas Cruz) and not because he did something," said Joseph Kimok.

"A few weeks after his brother was killed, injured and terrorized, he is there for no legal reason," said Assistant Attorney General Saranel Murphy. Zakari Cruz is currently living with a guardian in another county but gave a false address to the police.

According to Murphy, he visited his 19-year-old brother in prison, where he was heard telling him that he is now very popular, that his face appears everywhere and his name became known throughout the country.